Documented Life Project: the unPlanner

(Formerly known as DLP 2016)

Art to the 5th™ started a firestorm in 2014 with the ORIGINAL Documented Life Project™ - a way to plan and document your life with art through community. In 2015 we gathered 50 jaw-dropping top industry artists to inspire and stretch your art skills and now dozens of other projects have popped up using Planners and we are happy to have inspired so many people!

But being the art geeks that we are . . . we are not happy with just an ordinary planner . . . we are going to turn the planner world on its head once again with our new project . . . Introducing - The Documented Life Project: The “un”Planner™!

We have designed a brand new system of year long documenting, planning, art challenging, life changing, list making FUN that has us dancing in our studios!

So sharpen your pencils, clear your desk and grab your friends - join us for DLP: the unPlanner. It is going to be a year long amazing adventure!