Inspiration Ali - 10 things

Ali Edwards is doing 10 things right now which I very much enjoyed reading.  Following her lead, here are my 10 Things Right Now:

  1. Craving fall. It is Florida and we are expecting fall to hit this week with a bit more moderate temperatures. Anything below sweating is a wonderful treat.  Bring on the lower humidity and cooler breezes. Now, please. 
  2. Struggling to live by the calendar and not my heart.  It is October and I am wanting to skip straight to the holidays.  I have been looking at my box of fall decorations for days thinking I honestly don't care.  Bring on evergreens and tinsel.  
  3. Excited about December Daily. A box from Blue Moon Scrapbooking arrived this week full of Christmas products. This will be my SEVENTH year doing December Daily.  I am as giddy as if it were my first.  Love this project. Several years ago, Joe decided to help me with the measuring and cutting of the pages and we had a ball together.  Now it is a November tradition that he looks forward to as much as me.
  4. Planning our December trip to western North Carolina featuring holiday activities galore.  The whole gang will be together for part of the time and we look forward to seeing each other, eating Cassie's great meals, and enjoying cold weather with mountain views.  Throw in a fireplace and Christmas lights and I am about as happy as you can get.
  5. Shopping for Christmas gifts.  My goal is always to be finished by December 1. December is for celebrating the holidays not preparing for them in my book. We have simplified our Christmas gift giving so that it is much easier to meet my goal. Simplify was my One Little Word in 2012 and it was a very Good Thing.
  6. Painting, sketching and doodling are continuing to be my go-to activities especially when watching TV. So enjoy it.  
  7. Considering journaling again. I love having a pen in my hand. I would love to take on a simple journaling commitment.  Not sure what that would look like but I am thinking about it. 
  8. Reading several books at the same time.  I don't usually enjoy reading multiple books but because I am reading - no, TRUDGING - through some academic style non-fiction right now, I am offsetting it with a frothy romance. 
  9. Crunching NY state Cortland apples.  Oh so delicious. 
  10. Missing my art buddies.  After two back to back art retreats, I am missing the laughter, inspiration and pure delight of being with friends that you love. Can't wait to be back together again.  Miss you, friends!!