From Retreat and Back Again

My living room tranformed to Secret Lake Retreat

Secret Lake Retreat is coming up on its four year anniversary.

   The first retreat was in February 2010. It has changed in many ways.  From the attendees, the set-up to the schedule, it has evolved from scrapbooking retreat to an art retreat celebrating five very special friendships. It is a story that is meant to be shared.  

Sandi, Roben-Marie, Barbara, Lorraine, Rae

The story of how the retreat began is one that has been told many times. It began after seeing what a group called Love Bombers started by Kelly Rae Roberts was doing on the west coast.  I wanted what they had so desperately in my life that I was determined to make it happen.  With the help of friends committed to making my dream come true, Secret Lake Retreat has evolved into something treasured and blessed.

It is about getting a group of the beautiful women together at the right time in their lives when they are open to sharing themselves and their art with the group in a way that benefits all.  It is about being All In even when it is scary or pushes you past your comfort zone. It is about trust, deep love, patience, laughter, and open heartedness.  

We share ourselves  - our hearts and our art in equal portions.  We teach, we learn, we listen and we support. We also eat wonderful communal meals, throw art supplies back and forth across the table and cheer each newly acquired skill.   We laugh, we cry and we fall into bed at outrageous hours because we can't bare for the fun to end each day.


I have learned so much about how to hold a retreat over the past four years.  If you are looking at this thinking how much you would love to be a part of a group too, DO IT.  Seriously, contact your friends, meet for coffee with notebooks in hand and make a list of the people you would love to invite.  DO IT.  Make a list of questions and ask for help.  I am happy to answer questions here.  Mostly, DO IT.  

Our group is closed.  We will not add more people.  This is just the right amount for us to allow us to do what we do.  It would be unfair to add people at this point.  We have too much history, someone new would always feel left out and behind.  However, we talk about sharing this with others in a different way and I sincerely hope that happens.

This is a video of an art collaboration we did.  It gives you an idea of what our space looks like and what we do. Enjoy!

Leave any questions and I will do my best to answer!