Art Pops by Roben Marie Smith

ArtPops Banner.jpg

I was honored to be asked to work with Roben-Marie's new product, Art Pops. I have an important role in Roben-Marie's life.  I am a friend and Supreme Queen of Nagging.  So when you see something that she has made and you want her to make that available to the rest of us, you can relax - I got it!  I am the voice that says, " Hey! I want that! MAKE THAT!"


This is usually her reaction! 

And we are still friends.  Go figure! 

Art Pops are definitely THAT THING that you see and you want them immediately.  The ideas comes fast and furious of the ways to use them.  I have a whole list and yet I know that as the designers play with them that they are going to think of things that never crossed my mind.


Buy these beauties here.

The names of the sets have great stories behind them.  Ask Roben-Marie about it. Love! 

Mostly, I love how versatile these cards are. How they can be anything. How they can be used at any orientation even when you think they can't. Ooh, they are wily that way. 

Project Life is the obvious answer. I love Project Life - way to go, Becky Higgins! I love when I add my own art into it because of the bursts of color and joy it brings. I knew I wanted more color, more art, more life in my pages.  Art Pops to the rescue!

I loved cutting the 3x4 cards in half and adding them to the sides of my photos as pops of color.  I added some washi tape for even more color. It felt much more like ME! The journaling cards are a no-brainer. Fun, colorful and perfect to tell a story.   

I vote YES!

I love mail art. The Art Pop cards are perfect mailing labels. There is nothing like opening your mailbox and seeing art staring back at you. And knowing that somebody MADE this - just for you?  Happy Day!

I love to doodle. Take one of the Lo's Serendipity set of Art Pops and they are perfect frames for my doodling! I could slip this into Project Life, use it as a card front, add it to my journal or trade these with my doodle loving friends like Rae Missigman.  Love her doodling!! 


Perfect frame for any art. 

That is just the beginning of uses for them. I can't wait to use them in more ways. 

And for those of you thinking - these are great but I will be needing more sets!!  

Yeah, I am on it!!   "Hey, Roben?!?"