Artpops: Project Cuteness

ArtPops and puppies? Total cuteness! 

I knew that I wanted to make a tri-fold photo card as soon as I saw the ArtPops by Roben-Marie in person. You have to see these colors in person to truly appreciate how vivid and beautiful they are.

I started by choosing two cards from Set 1 and one from Set 2. I used a fun washi tape to create a hinged area. Tape the cards together with a small space between them - about 1/16th inch.

I knew I want to use the whimsical border stamp in Roben-Marie's Mixed Media Essentials stamp set. I stamped it on patterned paper, trimmed it out and added even more color with Sharpies to coordinate with the ArtPops. 

I punched hearts out of colorful paper, doodled a bit on them, doodled a frame for them to sit within and then took them over to the sewing machine for a bit of stitching. I also stitched on the stamped doodle borders. I love sewing on my projects for added texture and that handmade look. The cards are heavy enough that they stand up easily to the sewing machine. 

Here are all the elements in place.  Love!

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PS - Ellie is our newest family member and is a rescue from The Dog Liberator. Ellie is deaf and has some vision issues. I had never considered a dog with issues until I became more educated about the deaf dog phenomenon. I wrote an article about my experience on the rescue's website.