Get together

I made these journaling cards in PhotoShop to add one to the side of each page in my December Daily album. I am using washi tape to create a hinge to make this a fold out piece we add to each page.

christmas journaling blocks.jpg

This will encourage us to meet our goal of telling more stories of December. As we look back in our previous DD albums, the sweetest part is reading the stories and re-living the memories. We created this flap specifically to make room for more stories and more mementos. 

This week, I gathered with Roben-Marie Smith, Barbara Moore, Lorraine Bell  and Rae Missigman to work on our DD albums.  I intentionally took about 30 minutes of work to our 5 hour gathering because I knew that was about how much I would get done.  I was right on the money! There was much catching up, laughing, show and tell and just reveling in being together.

These women are such a blessing in my life.  I am so very grateful for each of them and the gifts that they bring to any table.  Love-