One Little Word: saying goodbye

My word for 2013 was

Peace was a wonderful word. It reminded me to search out and create peaceful situations. Peace to me was quiet moments where I was fully present. Simple pleasures that filled me with a calmness that I needed. I loved peace.  It also spoke to me of Faith.

Usually I have bold, daring verbs as words.  They were in your face and demanded action.  Peace was the exact opposite. It was quietly there to remind me to take some time.  I loved that about it.  It was a change. 

I intentionally chose the word Peace. It did not find me.  I went looking for it and then made it mine.

That is not what happened this year. 

This is one of the years where my word found me.  That happened once before when the word Dare found me and Dared me to make it my word.  It was a taunting and bossy word that scared me.  I took it on anyway and it became just what I needed that year to move in the direction of my dreams and goals.

This year this word jumped in my head and despite my repeated efforts to get it to go away and replace it with a more dignified word, it stuck - like glitter on your forehead after a crafting session.


I don't know why a Malibu Barbie word has come into my life.  It is so not me. And maybe that is the point.  There is a lesson here that I need to learn. Something that will add to my personality and teach me things that I could not learn without it.

So, welcome Sparkle.  At some point, I hope to be able to say you without cringing. This should be interesting!!