Watercolor - wet on wet

I have been playing with wet on wet techniques with my watercolors. I stumbled across a watercolor artist in Slovakia, Jane Beata, that does some amazing work that blew me away. I watched her YouTube speed painting video with my mouth hanging open and drooling.

I am drawn to watercolor because of  its sheerness and unexpected movements.  I am not currently interested in using watercolor as just another painting medium. I love it because it moves in unexpected ways and is imperfect and glorious if you can step away and let it do its thing without overworking it seeking perfection. Yes, it is a metaphor for a way of life.


Wet paper is not something I have ever worked on before. I am learning how color moves and how much water is too much. Don't have either concept down yet but the playing is mostly fun and free and a bit frustrating because it is harder than I expected.


My backgrounds were still not as vivid as I wanted them to be because of all the water diluting the pigment. So I tried stretching the paper - which means soaking it before you paint on it so that the fibers are expanded.


I got more vivid colors with this one. So maybe stretching the paper is necessary.

Stretching in art is always a good thing, don't you think?