Learning to Draw


It started with this sketch.  It is a family member.  She does not look anything like this. Drat! I was working from a photograph and while I made tremendous progress on shading and understanding light (yay!), it does not look like her - at all.  The good thing is that I can look at it and point out what I did wrong which seems very hopeful.  The chin is shaped wrong, her forehead is too short, her mouth is wonky.  Her hoodie is dead on. (ha ha!)

Enter Help-


Roben-Marie had this book at a recent retreat and it looked good.  So I ordered it from Amazon. I cracked it open looking for help. I started to skip over the first lessons thinking "i can do that" and then decided that starting at the beginning made sense.

Drawing exercises commenced.


The shaded apple. Standard fare but again helping me understand light, shadow and dimension.

Then I skipped over to the faces section because that is what I really want to improve. I found the eyes section and looked at it and said, "I can't do that!"  Then I would have to talk to myself -

"did you try?"

"NO! I will suck at it!"


I did it.

Next... mouth and noses.

I can't do that!!