Playing with Pan Pastels

Pan Pastels are something that intrigued me but I had never used them as a portrait medium.  I have seen videos of artists using them in place of paint and the results are amazing. I wanted to see what it was like to create with them.  My friend, Lorraine, was kind enough to give me carte blanche with hers.


I sketched a face on vintage ledger paper and started coloring in the shadows. I am a novice when it comes to shadows and highlights and don't fully understand it yet but I was determined to try with Lorraine's assistance.  If you haven't seen her portraits yet, you are missing out on some inspiring artwork!


Eyes and lips certainly helped her look more lifelike.  I wanted to play with shadows in deep colors. I achieved that quite well.  Blending? Not there yet.


Here she is finished with scrapbook paper added for her flower and blouse.  I really like her as she shows real progress. I would love to learn more about pan pastels and shadows and light. I love trying new things!