Mountain Road Trip

What an amazing time we had. The goal was to find a town that we loved to start investigating for retirement.  Find it we did.  And visited old friends, made new friends, collected memories, souvenirs and guide books. 

I want to remember - 

  • eating in a gas station and a gift shop - both meals were exceptional
  • eating pork belly twice and for the first time
  • enjoying the most expensive meal ever - worth it
  • the indigo bunting perched on an overlook of astounding beauty singing his heart out
  • meeting new people that felt like old friends
  • painting at dawn while everyone else slept
  • spending time getting to know my new son-in-law better and seeing how much he loves my daughter and wants to make her happy
  • stopping at every single scenic overlook and gasping at the beauty
  • how God's handiwork is stunningly beautiful
  • the generosity of friends - and strangers
  • how quickly the right town gets under your skin