Ack! A month...

Much has been happening that you would not necessarily see on the outside.  But if you had a view inside my head it would look like an amusement park with all the rides operating at full tilt.  Strap in! Hold On! Hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times!

One of my favorites musicals is by Stephen Sondheim and is filled with lyrics about life.


My favorite song is sung by the baker's wife as she laments that her life has been full of  "or" and never "and".  It's about choices, consequences and dreams.  It's that juxtaposition of wants vs. needs, wishes vs. reality, pragmatic vs. impetuous.

Returning from NC was like that.  A head full of questions, a heart full of longings.  We had found a place that we loved, want to live, and had wrapped its mountainy fingers around our hearts and held on tightly.   

I kept trying to find the answers to the Or Questions. Here or there? Now or later? Build or buy?  A new friend offered the answer as if it was the simplest question.   This is not an OR, this is an AND.

Both. Here AND there. Now AND later. Buy AND build.  AND. 

Wow.  AND.  Of course, AND.  That was a surprise.  But it makes perfect sense.  It is the answer.  The best of both worlds.  Live here. Vacation there. Visit now, visit later and everything in between.  Enjoy here.  Enjoy there.  Ocean AND mountains. Old AND new.  Friends AND family.  Sand AND snow. 

I vote AND!