Click - in love

You wanna hear a diatribe about how crappy magazines are today? I am your girl. I will spare you the reading and just summarize.   

They suck. Not worth the money.

There are a few exceptions, granted.  Welcome to the finest example of Exception I have seen. 

photo (2).JPG

I was lucky enough to stumble on this magazine through an email from Jessica Sprague. I saw the free issue preview HERE and wisely decided to subscribe at the amazingly low price of $15 for 6 issues.

My first issue arrived yesterday and I dropped everything and read it cover to cover. I added sticky notes, I have texted about it and have talked about it.  Today I will be sharing it with my sister but she can't keep it because I want to read it again today.  It is that good.

This magazine is marketed to professional photographers but me and my iPhone camera, we were inspired! This article about light seriously blew me away.   I immediately wanted pictures that looked even the slightest bit like these. I took what I learned from these photos/words and took this shot.  

Taken with my phone as always but I love it! Wonder where else this magazine will take me? 

PS - Click magazine has NO idea who I am and these opinions are unsponsored.