The Documented Life Project - Feb 1

February 1 Challenge (Week Six) -  Open your Pinterest board and be inspired.*

*Please make sure that you CREDIT the artist or blogger that you are being inspired by - this is very important so that we honor the efforts and property of our fellow artists and bloggers.

If  you do not use Pinterest, feel free to choose your own inspiration piece from any source - like a magazine, book, piece of art, billboard etc.

If you want to discuss Pinterest with a member, please use Private Messaging. We request you limit posts in the feed to planner pages only. We are going to have so much inspiration and beautiful pages in our feed that we want to make sure they do not get buried. We want to see what you are making - it is so inspirational and moving! Thank you for understanding!

I opened my Art Journal Juiciness board and scanned until my eyes fell on this beauty by artist Jane Davenport.  I loved the face and the background so started there.

I pulled out my watercolors and smooshed pink and blue colors around in a very free form (messy) way with no real regard to anything.  I like to watercolor very "intuitively".  Are we all done laughing?! You know what that means to me - I slop colors on and they do what they do.

I am a beginner watercolorist and just love the medium.  I fight perfectionistic control issues and so watercolor to me is just the opposite.  You can neither have perfect watercolor nor can you control it.  You have to go with the flow and embrace it and if possible, learn to LOVE IT.

I then sketched on the basic shape I wanted. I used those lines as a guide, sometimes using them and sometimes not. Using a fine tipped Tul marker, I drew in the black lines in a doodle fashion. I should have stopped and taken a photo but I suddenly saw where I was going and I jumped in adding color with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils Then I remembered - stop! photo! oops...


Here she is with full color added along with some white accents from a Uniball Signo white pen.



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