The Documented Life Project: Feb 15


Week 8: Add a flap to your flap (or tip-in)

Photo Feb 10, 3 20 30 PM.jpg

I started out with a large shipping tag. I used a Uhu Glue stick to adhere a few torn pieces of book page to give it texture. Then I used one of my favorite go-to techniques which is to apply paint with a hotel key card (or gift card, credit card). You just smear it on and the card pulls the paint so thin that it dries in no time at all.

I then cut out a doodle I drew on scrap watercolor paper, glued it on and added more leaves and sprigs. I doodled a frame (everything looks better in a frame in my opinion), stamped on the word "note" and wrote "to self". I added a bit of ribbon in the hole at the top of the tag.

I used washi tape to attach the tag to my existing flap/tip-in and now I have many surfaces for doodling or photos. Oh, what fun!

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