Anatomy of an Art Journal Page (part 2)

 Part One is HERE

We left off looking for a focal point-

Photo Feb 24, 3 54 24 PM.jpg

I sketched on a face. Quick, easy, no obsessing. If faces are not your thing then draw a house, draw a bird, cut a face out of a magazine, put a quote here, your choice. The important thing is that you do something and do not fret.

Photo Feb 24, 4 23 35 PM.jpg

I added color with paint pens and acrylic paint smeared on with my finger. I added words and she is done.  Is she perfect? Heck no. Her face is wonky, her eyes are too dark but that does not matter. She is done, she is mine and the exercise of doing was the purpose. I did this in under an hour even with stopping to photograph each step. The exercise is to stretch yourself and conquer the empty page.

I hope this helped to see step by step how to face the empty page with courage. Now go pour yourself a cup of coffee or an ice cold milk. Your brownie is ready to eat.