The Documented Life Project - Feb 8

February 8, 2014  Challenge (Week Seven) - Draw one shape - repeat - add color.

PIcking a shape in February was easy - a heart. I drew a heart and then doodled swirls, stripes and circles in it.

I repeated the hearts in a row and then stitched them for texture. Stitching in your planner requires thought. Do you care that the stitching will show on the other side as well? Can you maneuver that thick book into place holding it while you sew? I decided that I was going for it and changed my thread to a variegated pink/red combo called Valentine.

I added a strip of painted and stamped text paper that Rae Missigman had sent me that was perfect! Thanks, Rae!

I finished off with watercolor including splattering the background.

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