Ten Things: 2/7

  1. Mailing - decorated envelopes to people across the country. Mail art is a favorite quick and easy creative activity that brings a smile to the recipient's face.
  2. Freezing - I know this is FL but we have been cold and damp for days on end. As if the sun has been swallowed by a giant cloud. Lots of bubble baths to compensate.
  3. Needing - more creative time. There are suddenly not enough hours in the day for all that i am doing and my creative time has suffered greatly.  Not happy about that at all.
  4. Learning - my new iMac. After over 20 years on a PC I switched to Mac. I admit great trepidation about it.  I couldn't be happier as a Mac Girl. (thanks to my one on one tutor, Roben-Marie Smith)
  5. Reading - Just read a book I enjoyed very much because I did not predict where it was going. It is Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone. Think a time travel Twilight story. It is actually a YA book but I liked it. I read just before I fall asleep so I am all about light, easy reads.
  6. Procrastinating- my studio needs a good cleaning.  I don't wanna.
  7. Shopping- the clearance racks at the department stores and picking up super bargains - mostly clothes.  It has to be a serious bargain or it is not coming home with me. 
  8. Whining - about dinner every. single. night. I am so over cooking dinner.  I cooked for decades and now I hate it. HATE. IT. I need a chef. Can I find one on the super clearance rack? Please?!
  9. Missing- Christmas. It went by way too fast this year. I know we had it but it is just a blur. I would love to call a Do-Over. I have heard this from several other people too. 
  10. Craving - kimchee. Korean pickled cabbage - spicy and pungent. I eat it over rice at the local Asian restaurant. Can't get enough. 

And you??