Documented Life: Week Twelve (3/15)

Week Twelve: Cut up a magazine - add!

If you know me at all - this one is a total no-brainer!

The first thing I am going to do is grab either Log Home Living or Timber Home Living and I am going to cut out a house/cabin and plunk it down in the mountains of Western North Carolina (WNC).

And that is exactly what I did ---

I experimented with Peerless watercolors for the first time.  I enjoyed working with them. The format of pigment dried onto little color swatches was intriguing and the possibilities for dropping them in a travel bag is appealing. Using a waterbrush made it super simple.

My process: sketch in pencil first. I LOVE this mechanical pencil for sketching. Then watercolor and go back with my pencil and add texture lines that resemble scribbling in the grass, trees and clouds. That’s it. Quick and easy.

Now, may I please move in?!


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