Documented Life: Week 15 (4/5)

Week 15: Monochromatic Challenge

I continue to be drawn to faces and watercolor. They fascinate me and there is so much to learn. Every session ends with "Next time I want to try..."

The thought of doing a background and face in one color was challenging - in a good way.  I love to be challenged to stretch a bit more. Isn't that what art is all about? Stretching, growing, improving a bit more every time you pick up a brush or pen. It is for me.

I started with a piece of Strathmore Visual Journal Watercolor paper. This was one of the few times that I have worked outside of my planner. I removed the flap that was on this week so I could replace it with this watercolored flap. I taped it down onto a cutting mat (to keep it from buckling and to dry flat).

I decided to go with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils as there has been a lot of talk about them on the Facebook group. I pulled out Iris Blue, Sea Blue and Deep Indigo. I started by wetting my paper by brushing clean water onto the entire surface.

I worked very simply. I brushed directly off the tip of the pencil and added that to my paper.  It is my favorite technique. It is not precise and that is what I like about it. Simple and you get what you get.

I sketched on a face and I knew I wanted to try a braided hairstyle for the first time. I wanted her to look whimsical and sketched so she is far from perfect in proportions. That's ok. I refused to let myself get into the mode of "perfecting/fixing her".  Trust me, I can go there and stay there.  I am pushing myself to just let her be.  It is getting easier...but there is still a part of me that wants to point out every flaw.  Hello, stretching.

I start with a layer of color to get things in place. Then I go back and add details and more shading with color - fairly quickly and without too much fussing.

I added more color and then grabbed my Tul doodle pen and an Uniball Signo pen. I added lines, highlights and doodles plus my ever-present wonky frame.

And here she is taped into my planner. "Monochromatic Monique".

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