Documented Life: Week 17 (4/19)

4/19 - Week Seventeen:  Photograph or draw your favorite shoes

I recently bought a new pair of shoes to wear to CHA. My list of requirements were pretty simply - very very comfortable and not ugly.  Mind you I was not even requiring "cute" just not orthopedic ugly.

I found these and liked them! So they went to California with me and they did the job.

I started with a quick pencil sketch with my favorite mechanical pencil. Then I used a Pilot Multiball pen in black to start the lines.  I have been playing with contour drawings lately. I love the way it looks to pass the pen over the lines several times. For me, it is another step further away from perfectionistic drawing.  It is free and messy looking and right now that is what I am craving.  FREEDOM in ART!

I worked quickly in watercolors. Fast and easy.

And that is DONE.

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