Documented Life: Week 21 (5/17)

Week 21: Use embroidery floss on your page (no floss? use thread.)

Embroidery and counted cross stitch were hobbies I enjoyed in years past.  (more like DECADES past)  I gave it up when I decided that I was meant for more immediate gratification interests. And this challenge reminded me of every reason why I gave it up. (Progressive lenses)  Should embroidery floss ever come up on the challenge list again,  I am coming down with a wicked fever and cough and will be in my sick bed until it is over.  (Just sayin'.)

The flap on this page is a paper bag with a stamped image that held a gift from a friend. Across the top was stitched with a pretty trim. So, that should be easy, right?

I had white embroidery floss in my tool box that I use to attach buttons to pages. I thought how fun it would be to make my own variegated floss by dying it with Dylusions inks. I began painting the thread varying to colors every two inches or so.

Now I understand the term hand-dyed. My floss was dyed and so were my fingers! But it was fun and it came out so pretty! I let it dry for about an hour.

I started stitching a lazy daisy stitch for a cute little flower and a backstitch to connect them. Then I added some french knots because as long as I was in this, I might as well finish. Poking that needle through a double layer of paper bag and the trim was not fun.

I added a stamp of numbers along the side of the bag and cut a slit in the side so I could use it as a pocket.

I think I will write, "I am never embroidering on a paper bag again." 100 times and slip it in the pocket.

Calling it DONE!

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