Documented Life: Week 25 (6/14)

Week 25: Cover your flap with hearts

There is really no way to be coy about what this challenge is. Can't hide all those hearts. And isn't that true in life too? Be bold and just put it out there.  You are leading with your heart.

Imagine what life would be like if we filled it with in your face, no hiding it...Love.

I used deli paper and book paper that was mono-printed. After sketching on hearts with my favorite doodle pen, I cut them out and adhered them to the page with a few dots of repositionable adhesive. I sewed them on with variegated thread on my sewing machine and then filled in the larger areas with drawn on heart shapes. I used a Stabilo pencil to outline the page and fill in the little hearts with a waterbrush.

Calling it lovingly -- DONE.

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