Documented Life Project: week 35 (8/23)

week 35: Incorporate a face in your page

Faces are one of my favorite things to draw. I find them challenging and I never know exactly how they are going to evolve.  I start drawing and let it happen.

Strathmore's Visual Journals are just the right size as a tip in. Once you cut off the spiral perforations you have a tip-in/ flap ready to roll. Since I was going to use watercolors and lots of water, I taped my paper down.


Inktense watercolor pencils. Love. As simple as that. I picked three colors I love all in the pink/red/purple family and used my favorite technique which is to stroke the wet brush across the pencil tip. Then apply.

This is a bit too wet for traditional watercolor but I went with it anyway.  After it completely dried and the paper returned to a flat state, I moved on to sketching in a face with my favorite sketching mechanical pencil.

And worked in shading...( note: the color is way off on this pic- argh)

I added a hand carved stamp to the background for detail, texture and interest.

Calling her DONE.

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