DLP 2015: Underpaper - one of my most used supplies

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 31
Art Challenge: Underpaper
Journal Prompt: What lies beneath?

Underpaper, sweet underpaper. If you are art journaling, you really want to be creating underpaper as you go. It is the easiest, no pressure supply you will ever use.  Throw down newsprint, kraft based wrapping paper or brown mailing paper on your table while you work then wipe off your brushes, stamps, stencils and brayer on it. You passively create a masterpiece that you do not even think about.

What Lies Beneath? TREASURE!

This photo shows my beginning process but first let's take a look at that underpaper sitting above my journal.  It is where I rolled off excess paint from my brayer. Two colors and super simple. This is not one of my grand underpapers that make me want to lick it. This one is simple. To be a "grand" underpaper, it needs several more layers. In this case, even though it was simple - when I saw it, I knew I was headed floral. So free art supply and free inspiration. If that doesn't convince you of the VALUE of underpaper well, I don't understand.

I had drew petal shapes and kept them the size that would fit in my Xyron. Making them stickers makes life simple. The Xyron "X" is a cheap tool that has big benefits. I recommend it highly.

I continued out three rows of my underpaper petal stickers. I wanted my last row to be a cap for each petal. I drew those on underpaper and sent the strip through the Xyron. I cut them out of the pre-adhesived strip and added.

Photo Jan 28, 5 31 23 PM.jpg

Adding freehand drawn flowers and their negative space to the page continued the floral theme and added whimsy.

I wanted a watercolor background so I grabbed Derwent Inktense Watercolor pencils to get vibrant colors with little effort on non-watercolor paper. I used the technique of swiping a wet brush across the tip of the pencil and painting with that. I knew I wasn't going to to achieve perfect blending on this paper and I embraced that.

I added the word with a wet Stabilo pencil. Keep the tip of the pencil very wet to get marker like lines. I used the Stabilo pencil to outline my petals as well.

Photo Jan 28, 11 05 34 PM.jpg

A Uniball Signo white pen added my final dots and marks to give more interest to the background.

Calling this one done.

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