DLP: January 10, 2015

January's theme: The blank page and how to face it

Art Challenge: Gesso

Prompt: The beginning is always today - Mary Shelley

Gesso - pronounced jess - oh.

What is it? Gesso prepares (or primes) the surface, making the surface slightly textured and ready to accept paints - primarily, acrylic paint.

Brush Gesso on with a foam brush or an old brush.  This is not a job for your good brushes. Apply a thin coat and let dry completely before you move on.  Your surface will now have a slightly gritty texture.

Here are the colors I chose.

Brushed on, blended and let dry completely.  Patience and drying time are important!

To speed the drying time, use a heat tool. You can use a blow dryer if you don't have one but warning -  your blow dryer is going to look like my heat tool. 

Adding paper elements. I used Uhu Glue stick for the larger elements and a Xyron Create a Sticker for the smaller elements. The Xyron makes your elements stick down completely like a sticker and I love it. (Thanks for the tip, Rae!)

I doodled  (using a Tul marker - LOVE) a vine which was the inspiration for this page.

How do we get inspired? You walk outside with your dogs and BAM, you see weeds that have a lovely shape...

and you are off and running. Inspiration can strike literally anywhere - even in the weeds.

Golden's Ultramarine and a titch of a kelly green acrylic paint colored the leaves. I added some splatters of blue paint on my background to pull that color into the background and add depth.

I added the letter by sketching a light line guide and penciling in the letters. Once satisfied, a Tul marker made them pop. I used a paint pen in orange to make "BEGIN" pop. I also added orange highlights to my elements to bring the orange into other places.

I wanted larger pops of orange to pull some warmth and excitement into my page. I rolled Dina Wakley's Tangerine and Magenta paints with a brayer across a sheet of deli paper.   Then doodled flowers with my Tul marker and cut them out once dry.

Want more  info on Deli Paper Flowers? Watch my tutorial in The Academy HERE. You do need to be a member of  The Academy to see the video.  Join us, it is FREE.

I used thin washi tape once again to add my planner column.

And this baby is DONE.

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