Friends in high places

I have talented friends. How lucky am I?!

When Rae Missigman asked if I would like to work with her new Boxy Blooms stamps and Environment stencils, I did not have to even think about it. YES! How about NOW!?

These pieces are tiny peeks into an art piece I made with Environment Stencils. I used Modern Blooms, Puddles and Tall Reeds.  Here's the backstory. I had a piece of Bristol smeared with colors that I kind of hated.  I figured it was a great scrap piece to test what the stencils look like. Once I started, I could not stop! The next thing I knew I had something that I loved! Wowzers.

I grabbed a package of kraft thank you cards I purchased at Home Goods. I used all three stencils on the envelope and in about 5 minutes, I had a floral design that made the card soft and girly. Wow - easy!

I grabbed a present to be wrapped and the Boxy Bloom stamps. A little stamp ink and colored pencils and I had a floral gift topper.

Just a few examples of ways to use the stencils and stamps everyday. They sit on my desk and are never put away because I find them SO inspiring!