Storytelling as a thread...

December Theme
Storytelling with the Written Word
Art Challenge: Storytelling
Journal Prompt: Storytelling as a fabric in relationship

The Documented Life Project 2015: the Journal.

What a journey we have taken together.

  • So many opportunities for growth and experimentation. 
  • So much inspiration and discovery with the MOST amazing group of artists that shared their passion and talents with us.
  • So much community - friendships made between people that would never have met each other if it weren't for a shared love of art.

How blessed are we?

This last journal entry for me is about taking stock of what this experience has meant.  And gratitude for all of you that have joined us, shared your art and your hearts with us. I sincerely thank you!

Thank you for the comments, for the encouragement and for becoming a strand in the thread that brings us all together. This community is unique - built of people that love encouraging others, of sharing their techniques, sorrows and successes. That is not to be taken lightly. We (you and I) impact others. We make a difference, mostly when we don't even know it.

So as we close out this year, I wish for you a happy, successful and healthy new year filled with art and community.  You are cordially invited to continue on with us in DLP 2016: the unPlannerâ„¢ which is already shaping up to be another noteworthy year.

Don't miss this week's Featured Artist - the talented film maker & storyteller, Jen Lee. She has a special message for us.

And with that - I am calling this year DONE. Hugs all round!

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