December: Storytelling with the Written Word

Words front and center

Prompt: Life is a book. We fill the pages.

Storytelling? Be still my heart. Featured Artist - Ali Edwards? Holy cow. I am in heaven.

SO, I was a bit busy this week with the launch of a crazy little new project called DLP 2016. I am posting this as close to the deadline as you can imagine. Touch your screen - yup, that paint is still drying.  And I have no words left - ironic, eh? Here we go - short and sweet.

Blobs of paint.

Apply layer with stencils.

Add graphite doodles and journaling lines.

Photo Dec 04, 9 06 42 PM.jpg

Add words describing the growth process we have experienced ourselves and witnessed in others.  Powerful stuff.

And that is all I got.  Go see Ali!!