DLP 2015: Repeat After Me (with Special Guest: Paivi Eerola)

February Theme
Layers You Will Love
February 21
Art Challenge: Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt: It is Worth Repeating

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. I would love to introduce you to an artist that I find very inspiring - Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. Her all over doodle patterns make my heart flutter. She is all about repeating elements. (Mary Werner - this one's for you!)

I contacted Paivi, who lives in Finland, and she kindly corresponded with me and gave me permission to use some of her art work as an example of beautiful repetition.

The color, movement and repetition are so amazing. I love her work as it makes me feel so many emotions.  There is that first rush of excitement and awe then I want to settle in and notice the details while picking out my favorite spots of color and analyzing what is causing my brain to register this as fluid movement and not a static picture. How, oh how, does she achieve this??

Look at these. Swoon! (Click image to enlarge.)

Here are my repeating elements. I asked Paivi how she chooses the elements that she uses in her paintings-

”I love doodling circles, swirls and flowers. I also like art nouveau style elements. When doodling, I try not to make conscious decisions. I focus on thinking before I start creating. I do not build a detailed picture of the future artwork in my mind. Instead, I gather thoughts, take photos and just observe how things are constructed. I also like to look for color schemes that inspire me. I go to art galleries, museums and libraries to examine the construction of the paintings and other great art. When I am creating, I try to work fast and intuitively, still maintaining the detailed look. Shapes and elements itself are not as interesting to me as the fact that they can be used as building blocks. I love to create bigger elements by grouping smaller ones. I find it fascinating how elements and shapes can flow freely, get crossed over each other and form layers. My goal is to compose repeating elements so that they express emotions, values or experiences. I do also create decorated papers that are less expressive. Then I use small pieces of them for the final artwork.”

Call me grateful and done. Thank you to Paivi for allowing me to introduce her beautiful work to you. Please stop in at Paivi's blog, say hello and welcome Paivi as our newest Featured Artist coming this summer!

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