DLP 2015: More is More...

Layers You Will Love
February 7
Art Challenge: When Not To Stop
Journal Prompt: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (ooh)

Welcome to a new month of building our skill set of art journaling know-how!

Layers - so integral to art journaling. When you look at the page and are drawn in, it is usually due to layers and details. It is what makes pages rich and deep. Think about a well decorated room. It is all the layers of paint, lighting, furniture, accessories, and flooring that makes you want to sink into it. You want to live there. 

As you look around, you realize there is more to the room than you first noted. Details. That is the winner in my book every time. Not that details have to make a page busy. Simple pages can have details too. The repetition of a shape or color. The doodle around a flower or letter than gives it depth and importance. It can be simple but very effective.

Photo Feb 02, 10 32 12 AM.jpg

There can also be the pages that are a visual feast.  You want to pull up a seat, get a snack and spend TIME with the piece. You see layers and layers of shape, color and texture. You start to identify the theme of the page and feel like you have an idea what the artist was feeling when they built the page.

Both are wonderful!

(Gelli printing and hand cut stencils border)

I have been experimenting with a different approach to my art journal pages. First, you have to know that I am a goal oriented, check it off the list type of gal. I am taking my time with spreads. Often they spread out over several days. I walk past them and think about what else I want to add. I don't rush myself. I find that my best ideas come after spending some time with the piece.  That is when the details and layers appear. It is working well for me.

So, for me, right now - More is More.

More time, more layers, more details, more thought = More happiness with results.

I use my hand carved stamps regularly. If you would like to learn how to doodle and carve your own custom stamps, check out my class with Rae Missigman. It is specifically for beginners. We take you step by step and provide you with patterns including the flowers above.  You can find it HERE.

Calling it layered and layered and DONE.

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