DLP 2015: Going Deep


Layers You Will Love
February 14
Art Challenge: Covering Up Good Stuff
Journal Prompt: Going Undercover

Layering often requires us to cover or paint over a pretty layer. You have to become comfortable with covering what you have with the unknown layer. What if this next layer is not great and I just covered up what I love??


It is all part of the journey. Watch as my page goes boldly through the "Ugly Stage" and then the layers start and good stuff is covered to make room for more layers. Raise your hand when you see the Ugly Stage and we will all gasp together.

I started with 2 colors and a credit card.  My go to way to spread paint fast.

Now I am adding some pink.

This is underpaper that I have run through my Xyron. I like to have these on hand.

And there it is! GASP! Ugly Stage! Hands waving in the air.

I want to tone this down significantly.  The word "garish" comes to mind. Pull out the white paint.

This looks much better and I have started a new layer with stamping.

It is another of my hand carved stamp. Are you carving yet? Doodle & Carve class here

Adding tiny dots with dry wall tape.

Hand carved stamp (by me) adding arrows.

White (paint) circles with punchinella.

Flower stamp by Rae Missigman (Paperbag Studios - Natural Elements) stamped on card stock and trimmed out then cut in half. Apply to edge of page.

Mixed Media Stickers by Roben-Marie Smith add more color and texture.

Stabilo pencil and water brush put a nice shadow around the sticker. Pencil for scratchy doodles and for some text written softly amongst the colors for more texture. (And another layer)

Photo Feb 08, 5 20 24 PM.jpg

Time for some journaling.

Final touches and we are done!

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