Exploring Dylusions paints by Ranger

Let's start with some adjectives: vivid, bold, vibrant, substantial, unique.

Seriously, what else would you expect from Dyan Reaveley?

I chose to apply these with a makeup wedge sponge. I did a bit of painting with a brush but the makeup wedge worked really well. Throw in our Art Fusion Stamps and Rae Missigman's Happenstance stencils - well, you have a party!

This tag was done collaboration style with Rae and Lorraine. I love doing collabs. You just never know what is coming next!

If you are looking for more information on Dyan's paint, she has a great video HERE. My thoughts are they are really easy to work with, are great with stencils or alone. I liked working right out of the lids. Dyan also recommends using baby wipes to paint with them. I am going to try that next!