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Travel Journaling
June 27
Art Challenge: Photos and Words
Journal Prompt:  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Long ago I worked for a company that created Mosaic Moments. When I read this prompt, I immediately thought of a mosaic as it is such an interesting way to present a photo. I contacted the owner, Tami Potter and she sent me out some mosaic paper. (Thanks, Tami!)

I printed a vacation photo (5" x 5" but any size works) I loved of my husband in a swing on the porch reading a book and pausing regularly to look at the stunning mountain views. In delightfully cool temperatures. With hummingbirds buzzing around the feeder on the porch.  Can you say PERFECT?!

I cut the photo into one inch squares using the mat, exacto and ruler. It takes less than a minute. The system is designed for easy success.

Now I transfer the squares onto the gridded paper that lines everything up.

Hello, mosaic!

I had an idea of exactly how this was to look when I was done. Now came the hard part of transferring that idea onto paper. Incorporating the mosaic into art was always my plan. I sketched out a basic plan for where the elements were to be. And then I started painting.

Adding random squares from another photo printed to blend into the background was a touch of whimsy. I decided that it was not enough whimsy so out came my doodle pens in medium and fine. And then white

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Want more info on how to create a mosaic? This short video shows the process step by step.

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