Notes from the road - DLP 6/13

I am a huge fan of travel journaling. I love the illustrative style of combining sketches and words telling the story in such a personal way.  Here is what I saw, what it looked like and more importantly - this is how I felt about it, how it impacted me and what I want to remember most.

These are some of the experiences on my recent trip to NC that made it special to me. Out of the many moments, I chose these to capture the feel of this holiday.

If you have never tried this, please do. Do not listen to the voice that says that you can't draw - these are imperfect little sketches that are quick and easy. You can do this. Promise.

When you are done, throw a "wonky" frame around the whole thing and it feels finished. I used colored pencils and oil pastels - you could use paint or your kids' crayons. Capture the feelings. That is all that matters!

The colored pencils I love

The oil pastels that are so smooooth -

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