On the edge...

November Theme:Stencils, Stamps & Masks
Nov.7: Stencils - Made or Bought

Prompt: On the edge of uncertainty…what are you afraid of?

When you say stencils, I grab Rae MIssigman's stencil collection called Happenstance from Stencil Girl. I have the set and they are my go to stencils.


I grabbed the stencils and Dylusions paints in Cut Grass and London Blue and got started using a baby wipe as an applicator.

I wanted the feeling of hills - great challenging obstacles that life can throw in your way. I used the border stencils from the collection for those. I added some arrow heads to show the direction that denoted progress, courage and following the path of purpose even when it is daunting.

I used flower stencils for big blobby clouds that are floating by, I added the dots because I seem to be obsessed with candy-like things falling from the sky.  Or growing in trees.  Not sure why this image is so pervasive in my work this fall - isn't it strange how we get stuck on things and they keep reappearing in our work? Mine is candy. Go figure.

Adding doodles and color made my land much more fantasy based.  And there I am standing at the top of the hill looking forward knowing that deep in my heart I always know which direction I should be moving. Forward with purpose and in faith.

And with that I am calling it DONE and I am headed to the store for some CANDY!

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