From Here to There

September Theme
Journaling with Photos
September 5
Art Challenge: Photo Transfer
Journal Prompt:  From Here to There

I was flipping through a travel magazine and saw this article that I thought looked like fun. Loved the illustrative style. This became my inspiration.

I watched this youtube video because I like to learn visually. I used two side by side (with overlap as recommended) strips of packing tape.

I turned the tape over and soaked the page, waiting about 10 seconds and then started to rub. The page came off very easily and I was left with a cool image that now looks like an acetate or an overlay. Very cool!

I used a smear of Uhu glue behind the dark areas of the tape and glued it down on the page.

Stencils added details to the background - these are from Rae's Happenstance Collection with Stencil Girl Products.

I love sketchy illustrative drawings that have no desire to be perfect. They are so free. So off I went with some paint, some pens, and some pencils.

Vacationing in this imaginary world sounds perfect to me! I wonder what those multicolored balls taste like. Surely you are supposed to eat them, right?

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