Playing with shadows


September Theme
Journaling with Photos
September 19
Art Challenge: Silhouettes
Journal Prompt:  There is no shadow without the light...

I was flipping through a magazine for a previous challenge and saw a photo of a male dancer mostly in shadow that caught my eye. I loved the lines of his body and the position of his upstretched hand. I knew I had my silhouette right there.

I grabbed my super sophisticated circle tool - the bowl from my kitchen cupboard - and traced a circle. Then I sketched in the silhouette changing his position slightly to make it more silhouette friendly.

My usual color palette was calling me but I FORCED myself (imagine great effort here) to pull out colors I rarely use, settling on these.  I painted the circle in a smooshy blend of colors that began to look rather earth like to me though that was not my intention but once it happened I decided to roll with it.

I painted in the silhouette using black. I debated about adding text and decided that I liked the starkness of the page without it.

So with that I called it DONE.

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