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Creative Collaborator Coaching

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If you are brave enough to dream, you are going to experience doubt. Tap into that courage and go for it anyway. Having someone walking ahead of you with a lantern pointing out the path makes the journey much easier and ultimately faster.
— Sandi Keene


Hey, I’m Sandi Keene and I coach creatives, just like you, looking to build the creative business of your dreams. Are you unsure how to start, overwhelmed by the decisions needing to be made and not sure where to focus your energy? I can help! I specialize in guiding you through exploring your passion, identifying your signature style that will become your brand and defining what makes you uniquely YOU. We will focus on what brings you joy and create a clear plan of action that allows you to step into the spotlight and shine.

Let’s get started!

Sandi Keene



Discover your superpower. We all have one. Together we will identify it and use it to tell your creative story. The story is the connection that people are seeking.
— Sandi Keene



“Sandi is a thoughtful and attentive Creative Coach. She makes a practice of going above and beyond, forever encouraging and uplifting with her words, ideas, and gentle nudges. I love that she offers me the accountability and advice I need to always push myself in the directions of both my art and life goals. I contribute much of my success to the sound guidance I have found in Sandi, whom I am lucky to call coach and also blessed to call friend.”  

-Rae Missigman

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“I absolutely adore Sandi. In a very short period of time Sandi has guided me on to a clear, focused path as not only an artist but also that of a future businesswoman. She has been open, honest and extremely giving of her time. Sandi has the innate ability to get me to focus on small aspects of my work while also building a foundation for a strong, successful future as a working artist. Without Sandi I would still be spinning my wheels wondering what my next step should be.”

-Kristi Nazzaro


Sandi is the creative coach whisperer - without a doubt! I have many ideas running through my brain at any one time and it is hard to process them all. She helps me to sort out the details while remaining focused on the big picture. I admire that she puts it all on the table and is not fearful of being truthful with me. I know she has my back and desires to see me succeed. Her insights are remarkable and I often feel she knows me better than I know myself.

-Roben-Marie Smith

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“Sandi's ability to listen, sort through and help prioritize ideas then strategize the direction you want to take your business is incredibly valuable. Having someone by your side to plan a course of action that will help your business succeed, priceless!”

-Kelly Hoernig


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