New! Pocket Journals Workshop (we did it!)

POCKET JOURNALS™ - Little Journals Big Creativity


Discover the charm of working tiny with giant creativity! 

After many requests, Rae & Sandi have created a workshop to teach you how to create your own tiny journals. 

Join us for 13 instructional videos building your journals plus 2 BONUS videos demonstrating how to work small. Full of tips and shortcuts with loads of possibilities, you will walk away with three pocket sized art journals ready for the next 30 day challenge or anytime you want to experience the joy of working small. 

Want more?! As an extra bonus to students, see the coupon code in the classroom to save on another class of your choice.

Please watch the video below and then register to join us in the fun of this self paced, “forever” access workshop with your instructor’s Rae Missigman and Sandi Keene!

Dina Wakley Challenge - Show us your MEdia

Dina Wakley asked me to join her in her exploration of the ME of mixed MEdia.  I was happy to say yes. Then she asked the nearly impossible. "Show WHY you create."

There are so MANY reasons I create - from self expression, to my love of learning new things, to how just HAPPY it makes me.  But I settled on a reason that has always been a deep part of why I do this - to participate and create community.

This piece represents the gift that is sharing your art.  It is this beautiful two way street of inspiring others and being inspired. You send these little pieces of yourself into the community that you have joined and it expands and deepens it.  At the same time, it expands and deepens you.  It is a nearly magical experience of humanity. 

And I want to be a part of that.

I used Dina Wakley paints (magenta, tangerine, night, sky, turquoise, lime, lapis, blushing, blackberry violet) , Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks, Dina Wakley stencil (mini favorites), Rae Missigman's ArtMarks Stencil collection #1, Posca White pen, Sharpie white china marker

Join us on IG at #showusyourMEdia #dinawakleymedia sponsored by #rangerink

Thank you, Dina!


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